Hey There….

So, it’s been a while..

A long,

long while….

Sorry about that.

I haven’t made a post since November, and it’s now May. Since I last wrote, I’ve had some troubles concerning depression.

But I’ve also recently acquired a job. It’s not a nice job. I’m quite against it actually.. Really, what vegan EVER wants to earn money working in a staff kitchen scraping animal parts and secretions from plates from the people who buy this cruelty, only to end up throwing away half at a time….?? But, I do REALLY need the money. And it’s the ONLY call-back I got in over 4 months. It’s minimum wage and I really do not want to be doing it. But it is ((believe it or not)) better than what I was doing before I had work to occupy my mind..

My depression has pretty much taken over my mind as of late. Since about November, actually.. I’m getting there slowly, but it’s taking time. Why am I writing now?? Well, today my boss sent me home 2 hours after I started work, because I’ve been struggling with a bad back since Sunday 27th April. I was trying to fix my Dad’s garden with my partner, Pat, and put far too much pressure on the shovel. Something jarred in my back and the next day I awoke in agony. That was almost 2 weeks ago and it’s just got a little bit worse every day. The doc says I’ve got a bad muscle spasm in my trapezius. I’ve now got to take muscle relaxants and painkillers ((which I hate taking)) to not be in constant pain. I miss working out!!

Anyway, so that’s why I haven’t posted recently. I don’t have many readers, but to those who are reading, sorry.

As soon as I’ve got myself together a bit more, I will get back on track and post that series in time 🙂

Thank you for reading this. I have taken some photos since my last post. Here are a few..


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Inspired 2 Go 4 It.

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting.

So, it’s been a while. Haven’t posted since mid-September, and that was for my gorgeous figgy banana awesomeness recipe.


For those of you who haven’t clicked on that recipe link and are still reading, let’s talk about inspiration.

In the vegan movement, I am personally inspired by a large number of people who make YouTube videos. They inspire me with recipes, training tips, outlooks on life, humour, diet knowledge and more.

I plan to do a series on each YouTuber that I watch soon, what they do and how they inspire me.

Here is a list of Youtubers that I watch:

Harley Johnstone – Durianriders

Freelee – TheBananaGirl

Tarah Shannon – 40BelowFruity

Ted Carr – 100SquatsADay

Josh Fossgreen – RawFoodFreedom


Kristina Carrillo-Bucuram – FullyRawKristina

Conor McMillan – Handyman Bananas

Megan Elizabeth McDonall – EasyToBeRaw

John Kohler – OKRaw

Adam Frewer ((and others)) – RawsomeLiving

Chris Randall – RealRawResults

Tim van Orden – RunningRaw

Richard Widmark – TheRAWXperience

Chris Kendall – TheRawAdvantage

..so far 😀 !! You can find them here with links to channels and blogs 🙂 ((will update soon, don’t have time tonight 😦 ))

I know that there are a lot more out there that I haven’t yet seen, and when I do, I’ll write about them, too 🙂

I do often watch YouTube videos for far too long – sometimes for 2 or more hours at a time :/ – I watch YouTube when I’m bored, and listen to them while doing housework or making meals. A week ago I watched a video by Tim van Orden about taking things small steps at a time, and going for what you want to do. Something he said in the video inspired me, and as soon as I’d finished watching it, I wrapped up warm and went for a 40 minute bicycle ride with tough climbs ((for me, anyways!!)) and really nice views 🙂 . That’s great for my usually unmotivated self. It. was. cold.


Right, that’s all I have time for tonight :/ . Hopefully I’ll have more time and chances soon – preferably before I start working nights!!

See you soon 🙂

Recipe – Figgy Banana Awesomeness!!

Last summer was the first time I ever tried figs..

I’d heard people referring to them as “jammy”, saying that the insides are just like a seeded jam!! And they really are 🙂 .

Next thing I know .. I’m in love with figs!!


This year, of course I looked for figs from the start of the season 🙂 and I’ve been lucky enough to find some really good ones 🙂 and I’m still getting them!!

I’ve found that the best ones I can get are from a little place called Hernewell Farm Shop, here in Kent. Luckily for me, it’s only about 7 miles away, and they have a lot of goodies there, so I can cycle there if I need to 🙂 .

My first thought when I tasted a fig was along the lines of “hmmm, I bet these would go well in a smoothie..” . And they do 🙂 especially with bananas!!


So, I know that figs and bananas go well. How about playing around with that combo a bit..

So I sliced up 5 or 6 bananas..

Put them in a bowl..

And made a gorgeously figgy sauce to go over them 🙂


I added dates for sweetness and a little bit of flavour from vanilla seeds, and this is my recipe 🙂 enjoy!! ..

Figgy Banana Awesomeness!!

5 + Bananas

4 Figs

1 – 2 Dates ((depending on size))

Optional: Vanilla Seeds / Carob Powder / Cinnamon

Slice bananas into a bowl and set aside.

Peel the figs and place into a blender, along with the date((s)) and a little water ((Add a TBSP at a time)).

Taste, and add some flavouring if you like, such as vanilla, carob or cinnamon.

Pour sauce over bananas, dig in with a spoon and enjoy the jammy-ness of fresh, ripe figs!! 🙂


Byebye Peaches!!

Here’s that so-simple-it’s-silly-recipe for you 😛

PeAcH sMoOtHiE!!

I’m going to make this another photo-post, so here are the simple steps along with the recipe….

Pit your peaches and peel off the skin if you‘re fussy like me like..


..Throw into a blender, along with about half a cup of water..


..Pulse-blend gently, until smooth and thick..


..Now pour it into a mason jar / smoothie beaker / pint glass ((or 2)) and..



Last Of The Summer ..Fruits!!

It’s a sad time right now 😦 ..

Summer is saying goodbye, and is taking all the summer fruits away with it. That means there’ll be no more watermelon..


No more peaches.. SONY DSCNo more figs..


No more mangos..


No more pineapples..


No more nectarines, strawberries, blueberries, ….

..Well, actually, we’ll still be able to get all of these things at supermarkets, but they are all summer fruits, best eaten in the summer, when they are at their peak!!

To celebrate summer fruits and how good they are, I’ve got some recipes coming up, that I made this year. One of them I had for breakfast as often as possible this year ((something apart from half a watermelon, that it!!)) and it’ll be up soon. Here’s a sneak peek 😉 ..


What’s that?? Looks like chocolate pudding, right?? Nope, it’s not, but you’ll have to come back in a few days to find out what it is 😉 sorry!!

The other, I will share straight after this post, because it can hardly be called a recipe!! It’s one I’m going to miss, but only for about 9 months 😛 , until the particular fruit comes back into season.

So, what’s a fruit lover to do when all the summer fruits are going?? Don’t despair!! With the Autumn and Winter coming up, along comes a bounty of new fruits to keep us going strong and sweet!! What kinds of fruits are coming around the corner??

Well, there’s Kiwi..






Apples and Pears..


Tangerines, pomegranates, persimmons, ….

So don’t panic that the warm season is ending, that all the summer fruits are on their way out 🙂 because there is an abundance of amazing fruits on their way, fruits that you likely didn’t see around very much in the summer!!

If you see yourself struggling to stay 100% raw in the winter, don’t worry. Just make sure you keep backed up with potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, corn pasta, pumpkins, squashes, quinoa, …. just keep CARBED UP and keep your fat LOW!! For some high-carb recipes, visit my other blog soon as I plan to post some high-carb cooked options 🙂 .

See you soon!!

Ohh and before I forget – I’ve just got a spiralizer!! I’ll soon come up with some recipes to make with it, but first I plan to make Megan Elizabeth’s Pad Thai with my boyfriend next week!! 🙂

Yummy Summer Berry-ness!!

So, it’s summer here in the UK and that means it’s time for lots of delicious fruits, like mangoes, peaches, cherries, nectarines, pineapples, berries and of course WATERMELONS!! But I’m not talking about watermelons today. That post will come though, believe me 😉

Todays post is about berries and what to do with them.

Unfortunately, though it is the time for summer fruits, berries included, they do not come cheap. Therefore, it’s always best to seek out good prices at markets, or deals when in the supermarket. For example, at the moment at Sainsbury’s a punnet of peaches ((about 4-5)) is now just £1. Not bad at all!! Also, I recently got a whole 5KG box of cherries for less than £7 at my local farm shop. Sorry I have no pictures, they were demolished within 3 days – it was difficult to let them last that long, they were too good!!

I do, however, have some pictures of the yummy berry-ness-es that I mention in the title 😉 ..



That first one is a smoothie I made the other week. Usually I only use one or two fruits in my smoothies, but this one has three 🙂 it’s amazing and really tastes like summer!! Want to make it?? Here’s how:

Peachy Mango & Raspberry Bomb!!

Why “bomb”?? Because it’s like an explosion of flavour in your mouth!! Whatever you do, make this smoothie!! You won’t regret it 🙂 .

7 medium Peaches, de-stoned ((and peeled, if you want))

2-3 Mangos, depending on size, peeled and de-stoned ((I used 3 pretty small ones))

2 C Frozen Raspberries ((or FRESH))

1 – 1.5 C Water

Place raspberries in blender, leaving for 5 minutes or so if frozen, to defrost slightly. If using fresh, add in ice now and let sit for a couple of minutes.

Add in the de-stoned peaches and mangos, plus 1/3 cup of water to start with.

Pulse-blend for about 1 – 2 minutes, depending on blender quality and desired consistency. Find out here why “pulse-blending” your smoothie is important!! Pour into a glass ((or a mason jar, like me :))) and enjoy!!


So, that’s the Peachy Mango & Raspberry Bomb Smoothie for you 🙂 . I hope you enjoy it!!


Please excuse my bare leg – it was a really hot day!!

I did 😉 .

Right, so what’s that other picture of?? Looks like that smoothie just poured over a bowl of bananas, right?? Wrong 😛 . It’s certainly bananas under there, but the sauces, yes, sauces, are NOT smoothies, but berry-liscious fruity creations. I don’t know if you can see, but the left is a slightly different shade and colour to the right.. The one on the left is a strawberry sauce, the right one is a cherry sauce. You don’t have to use bananas, either. This sauce would have been amazing over pears, or mangoes, even dragon fruits!! Here’s how to make this gorgeous bowl:

Saucy Berry Sauces:

Strawberry Sauce:

2 C Strawberries, de-stemmed

2 – 4 Dates, pitted

1/4tsp Vanilla Powder / Extract / Seeds

Chilled Water, as needed

Place dates in the bottom of your blender along with the vanilla and just enough water to cover. Let sit for at least 20 minutes, to soften the dates.

Add in strawberries and pulse-blend until smooth, thinning out with more water, if you desire.

Cherry Sauce:

2 C Fresh / Frozen Cherries, pitted and de-stemmed

1 – 4 T Coconut Sugar, depending on sweetness of cherries

1/4tsp Vanilla Powder / Extract / Seeds

Chilled Water, as needed

Place cherries in blender, allowing to defrost for 10 minutes, if using frozen.

Add in coconut sugar and vanilla, then pulse-blend until smooth, adding in water as required, until you have reached your desired consistency.

Pour either, or both, of these sauces, over your favourite fruit / fruits / banana smoothie / banana soft-serve / porridge / ….


Thanks for reading 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying fresh, ripe, raw berries wherever you are – if it’s the season where you are, of course!! See you soon,

🙂 Jade 🙂

The Strawberry Breakfast Milkshake is Here!!

So, this morning I had milkshake for breakfast ..again 😉 !! I have no shame..

No, no, I don’t mean a pus-filled, hormone-pumped, glue-like MILK-shake, I mean a gorgeous, vegan, high-carb, raw mylk-shake 😛


This creation came about because I have been a very bad high-carb fruity vegan..

I’ve run out of fresh, ripe fruit :O oh no!!

Right now the only things I have are 3 massive watermelons in my room that are unripe, and 5 bunches of bananas, all green and yellow and starchy, so they’re a no-go, obviously.

So what did I do?? I was forced to resort to the freezer again….


Not that I’m complaining!! Not at all 🙂 this shake was amazing, and just what was needed on a hot summers day like today!!

In fact, I only wish I had taken it outside, in the sun, to enjoy. Grr, now why didn’t I think of that earlier..!!??

Anyways, I expect you’re waiting for a recipe, are you?? OK, here you go 😉 ….

Strawberry Breakfast Milkshake

6 large Bananas, frozen

1C Frozen Strawberries

1 – 2 C Water / Coconut Water

Optional – 1/4tsp Vanilla Powder / Extract / Fresh Seeds

Place bananas and strawberries in a blender and let sit for 10 minutes, to defrost slightly.

Pulse-blend a bit, pushing ingredients down to the blade as needed, until it’s all fairly broken up. Add vanilla now, if using.

Add in water, a little at a time, blending on a low-medium speed, until desired consistency and thickness is reached.

Grab a thick straw, or a spoon – it’s a thick shake!! – and enjoy your summertime shake 🙂


I hope your summer is as warm as ours is right now!!

I think I will be enjoying a few more of these if the sun keeps up here, in the UK 🙂 which I really hope it does!!

Right, I’m out on my bike now, which is getting easier and easier the longer I’m following this lifestyle!! Check me out on TribeSports if you like 🙂 – follow me and I’ll gladly follow you back for support!!